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CCI Global Inc.

CCI Global Inc. is a full service rep firm covering extensive territories and market segments for our manufacturer partners  CCI Global Inc. develops customers, markets and channels for our manufacturers through existing relationships and by forming new ones.  CCI Global Inc. brings energy, enthusiasm, urgency and a sense of pride every day which helps drive our business and is the key to our success with our manufacturers and customers  We gladly accept sales quotas and goals set by our manufacturers and we pride ourselves in surpassing those goals and moving beyond them.

Account Support

CCI Global Inc. believes that support is the "only" reason companies like ours exist  We understand that without the proper support of our manufacturers and customers alike, there is no long term success.  We approach each and every business transaction with integrity and urgency so that our value is measured in time  We are proud that CCI Global Inc. constantly receives accolades for how good our support system is both internally and in the field.

CCI has dedicated support staff which includes staff in accounting, sales, marketing and operations. Our executive management team has been together for many years and knows what steps are needed to get the desired results required by both our manufacturers and customers  We have set high business standards for ourselves and our sales results are a testament to that.


We continue to grow here at CCI Global Inc. in both our breadth of customers and manufacturers  We are here for the long haul and we continuously add support staff where needed to keep the growth moving forward  We are in our 16th year of business and have seen a steady, double digit growth in each of those years. Even in our current global economic circumstances we have planned growth strategies that will continue this double digit trend, now and into the future.


With nearly 50 years of combined experience, we have developed CCI Global Inc. into one
of the most well trusted and well respected rep firms in the USA. The relationships we have forged are long term and financially beneficial to all parties involved.

As the role of the manufacturers' representative changes with market conditions, our company will continue to evolve with the market to insure CCI Global Inc. remains a leader in manufacturer representation  We will keep bringing our customers innovative, new and exciting products to sell and support the manufacturers who support us. 

Thanks to everyone who helps to make CCI Global Inc. a huge success in our industry! 

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